Wylam Parish Council has welcomed the news that on 20th October 2020 Northumberland County Council made a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) relating to the consumption of alcohol.  It covers a number of areas including the whole of the Wylam Parish Council area.


The PSPO is the culmination of work by the Parish Council and Northumbria Police to tackle the significant anti-social behaviour issues that were experienced across the Parish earlier this year, particularly during ‘lockdown’.  Discussion between the Parish Council and the Police, together with a significant number of incidents reported by local residents, led to the call for a PSPO to be made which would provide the Police with the powers necessary to tackle the problems.

Whilst this PSPO focuses on the consumption of alcohol discussions have also taken place with the County Council about an Order to tackle anti-social behaviour, such as tombstoning from Points Bridge.  Both the Police and the Parish Council are keen to see this further Order made and will be pushing for this over the coming weeks.  Additional warning signs are also planned to stress the severe danger of this activity.

Steven Duckworth, Chairman of the Parish Council said “the Parish Council welcome the introduction of this Order.  While we want people to enjoy life in the village, we also recognise that ant-social behaviour can have a significant negative impact on our residents’ lives. These measures will allow the Police and Council to take proactive and proportionate action to prevent behaviour that may cause anxiety within our community.”

PC Darren English, Neighbourhood Beat Manager for Wylam commented “The Public Spaces Protection Order gives us enhanced measures in tackling Anti-Social Behaviour in Wylam.  In working with the County and Parish Council we can tackle Anti-Social Behaviour together.  We will work to reduce these incidents to ensure that Wylam continues to be a safe place to live and visit.”

The PSPO came into force on Wednesday 21st October 2020 for a period of at least 3 years.In essence it prohibits the consumption of alcohol in a public place which is reasonably likely to lead to anti-social behaviour, nuisance or annoyance, affecting those in the locality.  There are a number of exemptions, details of which can be found in the Order (see link below).

The Parish Council would encourage members of the local community to continue to report any crime/anti-social behaviour incidents or concerns to the Police using either 999 for emergencies or 101 for non-emergencies.  This can also be done online at https://services.northumbria.police.uk/online-services-start/report-an-incident  The Police can only respond if they are aware, so reporting is vital!

Link to PSPO https://www.northumberland.gov.uk/NorthumberlandCountyCouncil/media/Public-Protection/Antisocial%20behaviour/Sealed-Order.pdf