Since deterioration of the Public Right of Way, which runs over land owned by Wylam Parish Council, became apparent in Spring 2012 and to date, Wylam Parish Council has engaged with Northumberland County Council as the authority statutorily responsible for the Public Right of Way, to seek a solution to the problem of land slippage. 

In 2016, Northumberland County Council commissioned a geotechnical survey of the site and subsequently sought to initiate a design and costing exercise for an engineering scheme aimed at rectifying the problem.  However, the County Council was unable to obtain any formal quotations from contractors and has never been able to undertake even preliminary in-house design work for such a scheme. On 26th June 2020, a site meeting was held between representatives of Wylam Parish Council, Northumberland County Council officers, County Councillor Karen Quinn and nearby residents.  At this meeting, Northumberland County Council officers undertook to look again at the Council’s original tender document for design and implementation of an engineering scheme at the site, with a view to again inviting quotations from contractors.  The County Council’s officers also agreed that, in the event that no interest was received from private contractors, the County Council’s engineers would be asked to design and cost a solution. Since that date, the Parish Council has repeatedly tried, without success, to arrange a further meeting with NCC officers. Following the recent, further serious deterioration of both the Public Right of Way and the access road to Wylam Nurseries, Wylam Parish Council is once again seeking, as a matter of urgency, to arrange a meeting with NCC officers to receive an update on the undertakings agreed at the meeting in June 2020 and to identify a way forward.