Wylam Parish Council

Charlie's Corner

At its meeting on 12th April 2021 the Parish Council discussed an outline proposal to enhance Charlie’s Corner for the benefit of the Village.  In doing so it noted that wide ranging public consultation was required to ensure that any proposal for this land reflected the consensus view of residents as to the most appropriate use(s).

The Council also reflected on the decision it took in May 2020, in light of the ‘lockdown’ restrictions imposed in relation to the pandemic, to allow dogs to be exercised on Charlie’s Corner for a limited period, to provide a safe and secure area to exercise dogs without the need to travel.

Given the recent easing of restrictions relating to the pandemic, including the lifting of the need to ‘stay at home’ and ‘stay local’, the basis on which the decision was made to allow dogs onto Charlie’s Corner last year, the Council agreed to reinstate the position of not allowing dogs onto Charlie’s Corner.

The Parish Council is aware that this decision has generated a considerable amount of discussion and comment in the Village with opinions being expressed both for and against the decision.

The use of Charlie’s Corner by dogs has been the source of much debate in the village since at least November 2014, when following complaints from residents about noise and dog fouling, the Council decided that dogs should not be allowed onto this small area of land.  In doing so it was noted that there were many other places around the Village that dogs could be exercised.

The Parish Council has now received a petition which asks the Council to reconsider its decision to no longer allow dogs to use Charlie’s Corner.  The petitioner will be invited to present it to the next available Council meeting so that we can engage in a positive and meaningful discussion on the issue.

In moving forward the Council is mindful that it sees itself as the guardian of the Village’s assets.  It is therefore very keen to engage positively, and with an open mind, with all sections of the community on the current and future usage of Charlie’s Corner.