Wylam Parish Council has two vacancies for new members following the resignations of Councillors Bill Nicholson and Tom Martin. If you are interested in serving as a member of the Parish Council, please contact the Parish Clerk, Diana Carney, for further information. Contact details are given below.


Notices advertising the two vacancies have been displayed from 27th February on the Parish Council’s website and Facebook page, on village noticeboards, and at Wylam Institute and Wylam Library. (The vacancy notices are here.)

The Notices will be displayed for 14 working days to allow electors in Wylam a chance to request that an election be held to fill the vacancies. In order to trigger an election, such a request has to be received from 10 people who are registered to vote in Wylam Parish. These requests must be made to the Elections Office at Northumberland County Council, NOT to the Parish Clerk. Any requests must be:

  • in writing in the form of a letter
  • contain the name, signature and address of the persons making the request, together with their electoral registration number.

10 or more electors may sign one letter as long as all the above information is provided.

After the end of the 14 day period (19th March 2018) if less than 10 requests have been received, then, and ONLY then, will the Elections Office give the Parish Clerk permission to go ahead with the co-option procedure and the existing Parish Council may then fill the vacancies by co-option.

Whether the vacancies are filled by co-options or by an election, and prior to attending a meeting of the Parish Council, the new Councillors must complete an Acceptance of Office form, to be retained by the Parish Council and a Declaration of Interests form, which must be returned to NCC’s Democratic Services within 28 days of taking up office.

Wylam Parish Council Clerk
Mrs. Diana M. Carney,
Wylam Institute, Church Road, Wylam NE41 8AP.
Tel: 01661 853644
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.