NCC is investing £125,000 in a new weed control programme. This includes employing 10 extra staff to enhance the capacity of NCC's in-house team. A harmless blue dye will be added to the weed treatment so that the public can see which areas have been treated. The chemical can take up to 2 weeks to kill weeds and the blue dye will remove any uncertainty about whether or not an area has been treated.The dye will enable the NCC teams to see exactly where they have sprayed, potentially reducing over-use of spray. Any areas that have been missed will be immediately apparent. The equipment used to treat weeds in some road channels means that the blue dye cannot be added, but in areas where road meets pavement there will be a white residue left instead of a blue one. The dye itself is water-soluble, does not affect the environment and also breaks down in the sun, so it will not be visible for more than the 10 to 14 days it takes to kill the weeds.