Northumberland County Council Community Chest Scheme is now open for 2019 and full details are available at the following link (first round deadline is Friday 7th June):

This year, there will also be an additional grant scheme called the Event Fund, which seeks to alleviate some of the additional costs now charged by NCC for road closures and other services provided by NCC for local events. This is open to any organisation, including Town and Parish Councils, whose event appears in Appendix A, which is also available at the above link (first round deadline is Tuesday 23rd April). The fund is not open to new events. Please note that NCC support for remembrance services and armed forces parades remains free of charge.

Lastly, the Community Chest continues to run with a small grant of up to £200 for a young person under 18 years of age to help them achieve an ambition. Full details are available at the above link.