Date: 5th October 2020

Wylam Parish Council is committed to providing an accessible website to ensure the content is available to the maximum number of users whatever their device or means of access. Changes will be made where these are reasonable commensurate with the cost of doing so.

If you are unhappy with any part of this website from an accessibility point of view, or wish to make suggested changes, please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council and we will try to deal with your comments.

The site has been tested by some automatic testing tools including the Chrome Accessibility Insights testing extension.

An assessment is a manual experience in which you navigate through a set of tests that cover all WCAG 2.1 AA success criteria. Each test has one or more requirements that can be:

  • Automated
  • Assisted
  • Manual

Below we set out the current state of the website from an accessibility point of view, after testing and assessment. We also set out what we intend to do about any issues raised.

Initial testing, i.e. the current state of play, has been Automated and Assisted in nature. When any issues raised by this phase are resolved a fuller manual inspection will be undertaken.

  1. There is one point where colour contrast needs to be improved. This impacts the cookies compliance statement which pops up on first use of the site and annually thereafter.
  2. There is a duplicate id field in the source code which, not being unique, could be confusing. It requires a name change.
  3. Ensure links or controls that open new windows or frames do not open without a warning. In the site there are a number of links that do this. Amend so that the title associated with the links indicates this before any other description in the title field.
  4. An iframe has no aria-label or other indication. This impacts the Google calendar on the home page and the calendar page and requires correction.

We will be remedying all of the above within a month where possible. At that point we will retest the site and update this report.

Where information is provided as PDF documents, the Parish Council will also provide a html text only version of the information where feasible. This currently applies to all documents included in the list below produced since September 2020. It is not feasible for the Parish Council to work back retrospectively through documents between September 2018 and September 2020. Should you require access to any documents in this time frame please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council. Documents before September 2018 will not be converted in this manner.

PDF documents referred to above include:

  1. Minutes;
  2. Agenda;
  3. Policy and procedure.
  4. Financial statements relating to monthly payments and summaries, annual budget and year-end statements.

There are additional PDF documents, such as monthly financial papers or external documents such as audit reports, which are not included in the list above. Many of these originate from other organisations and the financial papers often contain multiple tables. External audit reports are all scanned PDFs incorporating signatures. Currently these will not be converted to text only documents. We will be asking that, where possible, we are provided with these documents in an accessible format in the future.

The Wylam Globe is provided to residents in a printed format and is available on this website in pdf format. It is not feasible in terms of cost or time for the Parish Council to provide the Wylam Globe in an unformatted text only accessible format.

Where the Content Management System (CMS) that generates the website fails to provide an accessible feature we will endeavour to provide a work around. If we cannot achieve this at reasonable cost and effort, we may need to await Release 4 of the CMS, due during 2020. At Release 4 of the CMS (which is currently at release 3.9.21) additional accessible features are provided and we will make use of these as we are able.

Should you be unable to view a PDF document on this site please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council to discuss alternative provisions.

The tabbed navigation through the site is complicated by a lack of skip links, in particular for the triptych of images in the home page header. It would greatly simplify navigation if some skip links were provided on the home page. We will endeavour to improve this as soon as possible.