The Parish Council welcomes contributions to the website, subject to our general terms and conditions. Contribution is on the basis that:

  1. Content is appropriate to the responsibilities of the Parish Council;
  2. Content is appropriate for all audiences;
  3. Content is non discriminatory in any way;
  4. Content is received in a timely manner to allow the Clerk or webmaster to load the content to the website and style it appropriately;
  5. Content may be edited by the Clerk or webmaster for reasons such as:
    • Spelling or grammer;
    • Accuracy;
    • Space on the page requiring a reduction in content;
    • Addition or removal of images for reasons of size, quantity, appropriate content;
    • Images may be cropped or otherwise edited for use on the page.

(Where content may also be news items.)

Calendar dates will be accepted for use on the events page if they also meet the above criteria.

Initially, if you wish any content, including news or calendar events, included on this website the primary point of contact is the Parish Clerk whom you may contact via the contact page on this website.

Content may be refused by the Parish Council for a variety of reasons including not being received in time to place it on the website. At least 7 days notice of content is preferred since the site is not continually updated by the Clerk.

Many thanks.