There have been three interments since the last meeting on 2nd March 2021. There is an ashes interment booked for 29th June. This was postponed from last year due to the pandemic as the family live in another part of the County.

There has been 1 joint request from residents of the OJBC area to purchase burial rights for one plot - £145.00 fee received.

There have been 5 requests to erect a memorial. One relates to a family member who was buried without a memorial. I am in contact with the family to obtain further details to help me identify the plot. One relates to the cemetery search I have carried out on graves from 1910/1918 where there were no memorials. The other 3 were straightforward memorial requests with fees of £450.00 in total being received.

There have been one request to search cemetery records relating to two family members who they believed were buried in the Cemetery. After a visit to the Northumberland Record Office to view the old burial register I was able to confirm that both family members were indeed buried in the Cemetery. Although the register did identify the locations the graves were from 1910 and 1918 and therefore were located in the oldest part of the Cemetery. The family had thought that they did not have memorials and this was found to be the case both from looking at the stability testing information on memorials and also from a visual inspection of these areas of the Cemetery. I was able to find information on the approximate areas of the Cemetery that the graves were located in and pictures of these were sent to the family. The family have asked for permission to erect one or two memorials to commemorate their loved ones so it is suggested that the locations for these can be agreed during the Cemetery site inspection.

Accurate records/plans of burial plots have been maintained

Marie Moore