Wylam Parish Council - Ovingham Joint Burial Committee
(Wylam, Horsley, Ovingham and Ovington Parish Councils)

Ovingham Cemetery, Tyne Gardens, Ovingham

Cemetery Fees and Rules 2020-2021


 Weekday Burial  Resident Non-Resident 
Stillborn/Baby grave plot (up to one year) £0 £0 
Child under (from one to 18 years) £175 £350
Adult Grave - single depth £575 £1200
Adult Grave - double depth £630 £1300
Cremated remains of any person £240 £480 
Scattering of ashes below turf level £135 £195
Purchase of Exclusive Right of Burial (99 Years)    
Stillborn/Baby under 1 year £0 £225
Child under 16 years £135 £280
Adult Grave - single depth £145 £280
Adult Grave - double depth £145 £280
Right to erect a memorial £150 £300
Additional Inscription £0 £0
Misc Fees and Charges    
Search of Cemetery Records £45 £45
Certified copy of entry in register of burials £50 £50
Register of transfer of right of burial £50 £50

*Higher fees charged for interments on a Saturday

Cemetery Rules

  1. These Rules must be read in conjunction with the Rules relating to the erection and maintenance of Memorials below.
  2. In all matters relating to the Cemetery, the Committee's decision is final.The Committee acts under the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977 (as amended).
  3. The Council may prune or remove any plants, pots, ornaments, shrubs, grass or trees anywhere within the cemetery without notice or compensation, if the Committee at its own absolute discretion considers it necessary for the good order and running of the Cemetery.
  4. After funerals all flowers and wreaths laid on the grave will be removed and disposed of not earlier than 14 days after the funeral takes place.
  5. After Christmas all flowers and wreaths laid on the grave will be removed and disposed of not earlier that 14th February.
  6. Grave Spaces – No marking, delineating or decoration of a Grave space is allowed.Any ornamentation on a grave will be removed.No part of the grave should be planted with any flowers, trees, shrubs, gravel etc. which will impede grass cutting and grounds maintenance operations.  Grave spaces must be kept in a tidy condition.  Please contact the Clerk if further clarification is needed.
  7. All rubbish or waste flowers must be deposited in the litter bins provided.
  8. Memorial headstones are not permitted unless the fee mentioned in Part 2 has been paid.
  9. Grave kerbstones/decorative fencingare no longer permitted around any new graves in the Cemetery however existing curbs may be repaired or renewed.
  10. Dogs must be kept on a lead whilst in the Cemetery and owners must clean up after them.
  11. The Standard Charge is payable UNLESS the deceased was before (that is within 12 months/immediately) of death a resident living within the Parishes of Horsley, Ovingham, Ovington or Wylam.This also applies to former residents now living in residential care or a hospital/hospice outside of these Parish Council areas.

Cremated Remains

Scattering of ashes is allowed with the permission of the Burial Committee and strictly by appointment. A portion of turf will be removed, the ashes scattered and the turf replaced. This must be over an existing grave plot in respect of which the exclusive right of burial has been granted.

No headstone, memorial, vase or plaque of any kind is allowed.

Such a request has to be made in writing to the Clerk to the Burial Committee and a certificate of cremated remains must be produced.


Memorials (being headstones or fixed vases) will only be allowed subject to the following regulations.  An application from a memorial mason must be made to the Council to erect any memorial on a grave.

  1. No memorial shall be erected on a grave space unless a right to do so has been granted in respect of such grave space.
  2. Owners of memorials should seek information on the possibility of insurance cover against theft or damage to memorials through vandalism, severe weather conditions or accidental damage.
  3. A memorial shall not be erected, nor shall any inscription be inscribed, without the details thereof being approved by the Council. If any memorial is erected or an inscription inscribed without such approval or made in violation of these regulations, the memorial or inscription may be removed at any time by the Council without notice.
  4. Every purchased grave memorial must be kept in repair at the expense of the owner. In the event of a memorial being in a dangerous condition immediate action will be taken.
  5. All memorials permitted to be erected in the cemetery shall remain at the sole risk of the owner thereof and the Council shall not be held responsible for any damage or breakage which may occur to the same.
  6. Headstone/Memorials must not be more than 3ft 6 in (1067mm) in height including base. Vases must not exceed 1ft (305mm) in height.

Mrs M Moore
Clerk to the Burial Committee
Wylam Parish Council, 
Wylam Institute, 
Church Road, 
Wylam NE41 8AP. 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel:      07903 663680