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Clerk to the Parish Council
1st October 2019
Neil Snowdon
Principal Programme Officer Northumberland County Council

Dear Mr Snowdon,

Local Transport Plan Programme 2020-21

I refer to your letter of 4th July 2019 regarding the above which was considered by the Parish Council at its meeting on 9th September 2019.
The Parish Council remains keen to have a full conversation with NCC on a strategy to improve road safety and traffic flow in the village, and our invitation to NCC to do so remains. In the absence of this, I can now confirm that the Council’s top three highway’s and transport priority issues for the area, for 2020-21, are as follows:

  1. To improve road safety by introducing speed limits and controls in and around Wylam, in particular (a) the introduction of 40 mph limits on all approach roads to the village and (b) improved signing, road markings and controls to reinforce the existing 20 mph speed limit zone.
  2. To repair/replace the driver feedback signs that no longer work i.e. Ingham Terrace and Station Road, and to extend provision to other areas of the village where speeding occurs.
  3. To introduce parking restrictions and speed control measures in the vicinity of the Fox and Hounds and the Co-op.

You will be aware that I wrote to you on 25th April 2019 regarding the non-inclusion of the Council’s priorities for 2018/19 and you will see that the priorities highlighted above reflect the fact that these safety concerns remain and are the source of current action within the Village. Indeed, a petition has today also been sent to the County Council requesting a reduction in

the speed limit from 60mph to 40mph on Hexham Road/B6528 leading to Holeyn Hall Crossroads and on Holeyn Hall Road leading into Wylam.

I also understand that during a recent visit to the Village with Councillor Karen Quinn, during which concerns about road safety were highlighted, you agreed to carry out a survey to assess the situation. I would be grateful if the findings of this survey could be shared with the Council in due course.

I would be grateful if you could keep the Council informed of progress on this issue, the outcome of the prioritisation process and whether our priorities are to be included in the final LTP Programme for 2020-21.

Should you require any further information then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Yours sincerely,

Marie Moore
Clerk to the Parish Council