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Wylam Parish Council
14th December 2020
Paper A

Applications for Grant

Wylam Community Playing Field Association (WCPFA)

Minor Groundworks to Improve Safety and AppearanceProject

£7,000 (Est)

Amount Requested

Project Description
A number of areas on Jubilee Field require tidying up before further deterioration takes place. This will enhance the look and safety of the following areas.

  1. The soil edging on the accessible blue roundabout is beginning to collapse. This requires the sleepers holding back the soil to be replaced. In addition to this the concrete plinth the bins sit on is badly cracked. The bins themselves are difficult to access and are at the top of this slope and people have to be wary when using not to fall backwards off the edge. The Plinth is to be removed and the bins re-sited a little further on towards the swings. They will be on flatter ground standing on flagstones and be more accessible and safer to use. Easier access and safer to use bins would hopefully lead to less littering. Support rail for chain to lock the bins in position would be reused.
  2. The area behind the tractor shed is becoming unsightly due to not being able to mow up to the Co-op fence and having a temporary Herris fencing attached. We need an area to safely secure the goals which are there. The plan therefore is to gravel or flag between the tractor shed and Co-op fence and place our own fence around this.
  3. Leading from the red pedal-about down to the MUGA are a series of concrete steps without any handrails. Whilst no known accidents have occurred the safety aspect will be improved if these are taken out. Removal would not be detrimental to the usage of the area. The visual appearance will be enhanced by turfing across following existing contours of the area.
  4. The two green benches overlooking the play area have severe cracking and parts of step missing. It is planned to repair these which will visually enhance the seating and improve safety.

This project will be delivered by the Field Maintenance Sub-Committee of the Association who will be responsible for managing the successful sub-contractor to undertake this work. The sub-contractor chosen shall have the necessary insurances and a method of work statement which will take into account how the work can be safely carried out in a playground environment.

It is planned that the project will start in February 2021 and will benefit approx. 2000 residents.

Wylam St Oswin’s Church Hall

Church Hall Centenary Extension

Project Cost
£57,000 (Est)

Amount Requested

Project Description
The addition of a meeting room and storage.by demolishing the redundant outside porch and entrance at the north west elevation of the Hall. The Hall was built in 1922, the works to be completed in time for its centenary.

The addition of extra storage to the rear/ south east of the building retaining the fire exit and ramp.

The grant will be spent on the Hall improvements and if required under the grant, identifiable items. If specific it is suggested, depending on funding which may be granted, that this could be applied to the new external door (D1) and the two internal doors to the meeting room (D2 & D3). The costs are D1 £1,962 and D2 & D3 £954.

Tenders have been received and the work will be carried out by a nominated contractor under the supervision of our architect.

The Hall will continue to be maintained and insured by the Parochial Church Council from the Hall revenue, which is sufficient for this purpose.

It is planned that the project will start in Spring 2021 and will benefit 500 people, 420 of whom (approx.) are from Wylam.