(A pdf version of this document is available here)

Wylam Parish Council 14th December 2020
Paper G

Budget Setting 2021-22


Each year the Council must agree its budget based on an estimate of receipts and payments for the following year and must also set its precept for the following year.

At Appendix 1 you will see estimates for the current and following financial year, together with notes to explain the basis on which these assumptions are made, which would result in a precept of £50,150.  This figure is the same as the current financial year and would result in an approximate Band D Charge of £57.16 an increase of £0.40.  The reason for the increase is an increase in Localised Council Tax Support as a result of Covid-19 which means that there are fewer chargeable properties over which to allocate the precept.

It should be noted that Elections are due to be held in May 2021 but as yet no details of the likely costs to the Parish Council are available.  I am aiming to obtain an estimate in advance of the meeting but a contingency of £2,000 has been allowed for this purpose.


Members are requested to consider the Draft Budget for 2021-22 and agree the Precept request as indicated.

Notes to Forecast Outturn 20-21

  1. OJBC Clerk Salary Recharge significantly more than forecast due in the main to the Clerk taking on the Cemetery Superintendent Duties following her resignation.  Also, Clerk’s hourly salary has increased.

  2. Includes Feb & Mar 20 invoices (£2,200) paid in this financial year.  Also reflects increase in Clerk’s salary which had not been agreed at the time of the draft budget calculation and increased hours due to Cemetery Superintendent duties as agreed by Ovingham Joint Burial Committee.  These OJBC costs (Approx £2,900 in total for 20-21) are recharged back to the Parish Council so there is a net cost.

  3. Audit fee underspent by £100 as no chargeable audit queries received.

  4. NALC arranged a series of online training sessions which the Chair ‘attended’

  5. No advertising costs incurred as Covid-19 meant Annual Village Meeting could not take place

  6. No room hire because AVM not held

  7. Reduced postage cost due to increased use of email and online banking arrangements

  8. Reduction in mileage due to increase in online training

  9. 50% contribution from Advance Homes Northumberland to cutting Forster Gardens Hedge

  10. Purchase of gifts for construction of entrance sign, litter pickers and brushes for M Hadden

  11. Decision taken not to purchase anymore poo bags for free distribution

  12. Allows for purchase and installation of 2 more litter bins, new ‘headers’ for noticeboards plus installation and a new noticeboard for Chapel Lane

  13. Assumes Litter Pick 2021 will go ahead.

  14. 5 new sets of lights purchased.  Additional repair costs as one ‘zone’ of lights not working.  More repairs needed but Council will be consulted before a decision made to go ahead.

  15. Invoice for Jan-Mar 2020 £300 paid in this financial year

Notes to Draft Budget 21-22

  1. Allows for standard 2 hours per week plus an additional 1.5 hours for burial administration duties formerly carried out by Superintendent

  2. Increased budget reflects salary increase agreed by Council and also additional burial administration duties.  The latter to be recharged to the OJBC along with the usual OJBC hours of 2 per week so 3.5 in total.

  3. Any expenses incurred by the Clerk are charged to appropriate budget headings.

  4. Budget for previous year allowed for the purchase of new PC for Clerk

  5. Allows for training for new Council following elections.

  6. Generally used for the purchase of boots and brushes for M Hadden.  Will encourage orders via the Clerk to save on VAT.

  7. Previous year’s budget allowed £5,000 for the final instalment of the allotment track.  £2,000 allows for refurbishment of seats and bins plus a further noticeboard if required

  8. It is suggested that a £5k projects budget be established in 2021-22and ringfenced for the nature reserve/Charlie’s Corner etc.  (See 7 above)