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Steven Duckworth - Chairman

Biography to be provided.

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Responsibilities: Chairman of the Parish Council. Other details awaited.

Colin Percy - Vice Chairman

Colin is a native of Stockton-on-Tees, though with Scottish parents, so a move from Gosforth to another pioneering railway location here in Wylam in 2016 seems appropriate. He studied first engineering and then town planning (the latter in Newcastle) in the early seventies, moved to Edinburgh then returned with his now wife Liz to work in the region in 1978. First up was a brief stint at Northumberland County at the old County Hall and then he worked at Newcastle City until he retired (early) in 2009. Whilst there he served on the Council of Northumberland Wildlife Trust, though more as a planner than a wildlife expert. He took up rowing with the rest of the family down at Newburn about 10 years ago and now regularly cycles down to the club with Liz and then rows back almost to Wylam, when high tide allows. They also go walking and cycling more widely when rowing allows. Colin joined the Parish Council in May 2017, hoping to put his skills and interests to good use.

Colin Percy

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or Tel: 01661 854335

Responsibilities: Vice-Chairman of the Parish Council. Member of: Planning Advisory Group; Wylam Railway Museum Advisory Group; Rights of Way & Environment Advisory Group and the Parish Council's representative on the Tyne Valley Community Rail Partnership.

Anne Francis

Anne moved to Wylam in 1992, a random choice based on the fact that Wylam seemed a “quite nice place to live.” With three growing sons most of Anne’s early community involvement centred on local schools, the park, tennis club and numerous muddy football pitches. During this time she was also coerced into two stints as one of Wylam Cubs' leaders. After a varied career in nursing Anne escaped the rigours of the NHS in 2012 giving her the opportunity to pursue a second career in “Giving something back”. She has been a Parish Councillor since 2011, being elected as Chairman in 2014. Since 2008 Anne has been a committee member of Wylam Community Playing Field Association and is one of the major organisers of the annual Summer Fair. She is also a trustee and treasurer of Tynedale Hospice at Home. Anne is a member of Wylam Amateur Dramatics Society, an avid keepfitter and enjoys skiing in the winter and motorhoming in the summer. The “quite nice place to live” mentioned in the first sentence has become Anne’s well established home and she feels privileged to be a part of this thriving community.

Councillor Anne Francis Chairman

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or Tel: 01661 852 642

Responsibilities: Member of: Communications & Publicity Advisory Group; Personnel & Employment Advisory Group, Planning Advisory Group; delegate to East Tynedale Community Forum.

Jacq Henderson

Jacqueline is originally from Wales, and after living and working abroad for many years, she settled in the North East in 2008 with her then young family. Working in their family-run business, Jacqueline has a background in change management, counselling and therapeutic hypnosis. She says: "Wylam stands out for me for its great community spirit and beautiful surrounding countryside. I am keen to support the varied work carried out by Wylam Parish Council to try and improve this already charming and unique village."

Jacq Henderson

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Responsibilities: Delegate to Wylam Community Playing Fields Association Committee.

Jos Joures

Jos grew up in the village and went to school here. His career has involved the design and delivery of public services, including leading work across Whitehall Departments to advise Government Ministers and Parliament on how public services can be improved. He has experience of ensuring the citizen's voice is heard in determining how services are delivered in areas like transport, housing and education, and of influencing how those services are delivered to improve outcomes for citizens. In 2013, he was awarded a CBE for his contribution in improving services for disadvantaged young people and for the contribution he made to making pension saving more accessible for all. He is a volunteer for the Workers' Educational Association, a Newcastle United season ticket holder and can be seen around the village with his dog, Hughie.

Jos Joures

Contact Jos via via our contact form.

or Tel: 07977 206424

Responsibilities: Chairman of Wylam Parish Council
Member of: Wylam Railway Museum & Heritage Advisory Group; Communications Advisory Group; Personnel & Employment Advisory Group; Ovingham Joint Burial Committee; delegate to NCC’s Tynedale Local Area Council.

Jim Martin

Jim and his wife moved to the area in 1990. Initially living in Hexham and then moving to the lovely village of Wylam in 2007.

His work with the police helicopter and then as chief pilot and fundraiser for the air ambulance with units at Teesside, Otterburn, and Appleby, gave him plenty of time and opportunity to meet and work with local community groups. He is very aware of how much effort goes into keeping these groups afloat.

He is keen to give his time to support all those volunteers and organisations who willingly give up their time to make our village such a great place to live.

His interests are travelling in their camper, walking and long days out in our beautiful local countryside - whatever the weather!

Jim Martin

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or Tel: 07387 0800 57 / 01661 854 942

Responsibilities: Member of: Communications Advisory Group; Rights of Way & Environment Advisory Group. Delegate to Wylam Institute Community Association Committee; Supervisor of the Village Handyman.

Holly Waddell

Biography to be provided.

image awaited

Contact details awaited.

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Responsibilities: Details awaited.


Parish Employees

Parish Clerk - Marie Moore

Information awaited.

Parish Clerk

Contact Marie via our contact form.

or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or Tel: 01661 852 498

Responsibilities: Parish Council Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer.

Parish Handyman - Matthew Hadden

Matthew has lived in Wylam all his life. He has been employed by Wylam Parish Council as Village Handyman since 2002. Matthew keeps Wylam's streets clean and tidy all year round and waters the hanging baskets during the summer months. He is a member of the Wylam Road Safety Group.

Mathew Hadden Village Handyman

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