Contacting a Councillor via email 

Please either use the contact form or email Tracey Wood, the Parish Council's Clerk. Tracey will forward your email to the right person. She is at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The Chair is contactable at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if urgent, but try Tracey first.

Declarations of Interest for Parish Councillors

These can be found on the County Council website via this County Council page (click on the individual Parish Councillor to see any declarations of interest).

The Team (we have three vacancies for councillors at the moment so only five appear here)

Colin Percy

Colin is a native of Stockton-on-Tees, so a move in 2016 to Wylam, another pioneering railway location, seemed appropriate. He studied first engineering and then town planning  in the early seventies, moved to Edinburgh then returned with his now wife Liz to work in the region in 1978. First up was a brief stint at Northumberland County at the old County Hall and then he worked at Newcastle City until he retired (early) in 2009.

He took up rowing with the rest of the family down at Newburn about 15 years ago and now regularly cycles down to the club with Liz and then rows back almost to Wylam, when high tide allows. They also go walking and cycling more widely when rowing allows. Colin joined the Parish Council in May 2017, hoping to put his skills and interests to good use.

Colin Percy

Contact Colin via our contact form.

or Tel: 01661 854 335

Responsibilities: Village heritage (including Railway Museum) , social media


Diana Carney - Chair

Diana is a Scarborough lass. She and her family came to Wylam over 30 years ago. She served as Parish Clerk for 14 years until 2018. Missing being closely involved in village life in Wylam and thinking that “an old hand” might be useful, she became a councillor in December 2020. A keen fiddle/violin player and erstwhile church organist, Diana also enjoys walking, swimming, baking bread and learning foreign languages.

Councillor Diana Carney

Contact Diana via our contact form

or Tel: awaited

Responsibilities: Chair of the Parish Council, Wylam Haughs Nature Reserve

John Hanley

I’ve lived in Wylam for 20 years. It’s a great place to live and I hope I can help the Parish Council to continue to have a positive role in maintaining and improving life in the village for both residents and visitors.

My particular interests are the environment, local heritage and transport. I’m a keen cyclist and a member of the local informal cycling group the Wylam Sprockets.

Councillor John Hanley

Contact John via our contact form

or Tel: awaited

Responsibilities: Climate change, cycling.

Martyn Jones

Originally from the North West of England, Martyn has lived in the North East for over 10 years and in Wylam for 4 of those. Graduating in Mathematics from the University of Leeds, and with a background in design, he now works with major brand owners on design architecture and strategy.
Martyn is also a keen pianist, former organist, and enjoys gardening and cooking (especially with home grown ingredients).

Martyn joined the Parish council in January 2021.

Councillor Martyn Jones

Contact Martyn via our contact form

or Tel: awaited

Responsibilities: Wylam Haughs Nature Reserve, editor The Globe, other media

Averil Armstrong

Details to follow

averil image 23 03 23 small

 Contact Averil via our contact form

or Tel: awaited

Responsibilities: Special events (litter picks, coronation and similar celebrations)

Parish Employees

Parish Clerk - Tracey Wood

Tracey Wood started work with us on 13 February 2023, taking over from Marie Moore. 

Parish Clerk

Contact Marie via our contact form.

or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

or Tel: 01661 852 498

Responsibilities: Parish Council Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer.


Parish Handyman - Matthew Hadden

Matthew has lived in Wylam all his life. He has been employed by Wylam Parish Council as Village Handyman since 2002. Matthew keeps Wylam's streets clean and tidy all year round and waters the hanging baskets during the summer months. He is a member of the Wylam Road Safety Group.

Mathew Hadden Village Handyman

County Councillor for Bywell Ward

Holly Waddell - County Councillor


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