Wylam Parish Council is the ‘host’ council for the Ovingham Joint Burial Committee membership of which also includes Horsley, Ovingham and Ovington Parish Councils. The Committee is responsible for the management of Ovingham Cemetery. The current rules and fees can be found here.

Notice of Meetings, Agenda and Minutes for the Ovingham Joint Burial Committee.

Please note that Minutes are approved and signed at the subsequent meeting of the OJBC.  Minutes appearing on this website are electronic versions of the Minutes and do not have a signature.  If you wish to see a signed copy of the Minutes, these are available in the Parish Council office and a copy is filed at Wylam Library. From September 2020 all papers are provided as accessible html plain text documents wherever possible. The signed or pdf version of these documents, available from the Clerk, should be regarded as the definitive document in the event of any typing or copying errors in the accessible version.

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