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(Paper A)

Stability Testing Update – 1st December 2020

As a result of the Committee’s decision to go ahead with the ‘make safe’ work identified by Northumberland County Council arrangements were made for this work to be carried out as soon as possible.  The work was carried out on 10th and 11th November.  Warning signs have been changed to show that make safe work has been carried out and that ‘grave owners’ should get in touch to discuss/arrange a permanent repair.

The memorials that have been made safe will be inspected each year by NCC to ensure that they remain safe.

As a result of further inspection by the officer the number of memorials now requiring work by a memorial mason has increased from 16 to 19.

Of these 19:

  • 7 are either ‘red’ or in Zone 1
  • 4 are in Zone 2
  • 8 are in Zone 3

Some outline costs have been obtained from one company with repairs ranging from £240 - £528.  Taking an average of £350 this would give an approximate cost for all work of £6,650.  If only Zone 1/Red memorials are tacked this financial year the cost would be approx. £2,500 but sufficient budget exists to enable several more to be tacked depending on final cost.

Photographs of each memorial are being provided to the company to enable them to provide a more detailed estimate.

Quotes are also being obtained from 2 other companies and an update will be provided at the meeting.


Members are requested to consider how they wish to proceed with the memorial mason repairs.  In doing so they should bear in mind the public safety issues and the need to carry out these repairs as soon as possible and budgets allow.

Marie Moore