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Burial Administration Update – 29th September 2020 B


 There has been 1 interment since the last meeting on 21st July 2020. Fees received: £575.00.

 Arrangements were being made for a non-resident ashes interment on 9th October but this has been postponed, at the family’s request, because of Covid-19 restrictions

 There has been 1 request to purchase burial rights.

 There has been 1 request to erect a memorial, 2 requests for additional inscriptions and 3 requests to repair/re-level memorials. These repairs will be cross referenced with the stability testing findings.

 There have been no of requests to search cemetery records/obtain a certified copy/transfer burial rights.

 All legally required burial paperwork has been completed.

 Accurate records/plans of burial plots have been maintained

 There has been one general enquiry relating to identifying the resting place of a family member in Ovingham Cemetery.

 The spreadsheet of interment details continues to be populated and will be supplemented with memorial information once available.


Marie Moore
23.09 2020