Ovingham Joint Burial Committee.

The Ovingham Joint Burial Committee exists to serve the four Parishes of Horsley, Ovingham, Ovington and Wylam in managing the affairs of Ovingham cemetery.

The cemetery is located in Ovingham with the entrance at the end of Tyne Gardens which is off Castle View.

In addition to overseeing all matters relating to burials within the cemetery the Committee is also responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the grounds and of two chapels and the cemetery lodge.

The lodge is tenanted with the Committee acting as agent on behalf of the councils for the tenancy.

The committee is responsible for drawing up a budget with expenditure required for maintenance of the grounds and properties and for the salaries of a Clerk and a Superintendent.

Income is generated by burial fees and rent from the lodge. However a maintenance grant from the four parish councils is required to balance this budget. The share for each council is in proportion to the number of electors on the Electoral Roll for each Parish.

All property is owned on the same proportional basis as are any rights or liabilities.

Note: Due to recent changes in legislation the Ovingham Joint Burial Board is currently reviewing and amending its Constitution. Once this Constitution is complete and agreed by all four councils it will be added to this website.

Planning Advisory Group (PAG)

The terms of reference for the PAG can be found here.