Paper E 10th October 2022

A review of all Parish Council Policies is underway with some revised documents already having been agreed by the Parish Council (Minute 10 9th May 2022 refers).
Members have now also been provided with draft copies of the following Policies for review and comment:

  • Disciplinary Procedure – this is now based on the NALC Model Document
  • Grievance Procedure – this also is now based on the NALC Model
  • Complaints Procedure – No changes are recommended to the policy that has been in place now since 2015 as it is appropriate to handle the very few formal complaints that we receive and most complaints are able to be dealt with quickly without recourse to a more formal process.
  • Freedom of Information Publication Scheme – this is an updated version of the Council’s existing scheme.
  • Retention of Records Policy – this has been updated based on the SLCC Model

It is proposed that the remaining Policies be submitted to the next meeting of the Parish Council to be held in November.

It is Recommended that the Policies detailed above be adopted by the Council.