Council Members
Colin Percy


Rsponsibilities: Wylam Railway Museum and Heritage Group, Riverside Land Working Group, Road Safety Working Group, Neighbourhood Plan Working Group

Colin Percy

Vice Chair

Colin is a native of Stockon-on-Tees, so a move in 2016 to Wylam, another pioneering railway location seemed appropriate.  He studied first engineering then town planning.  In the early seventies, moved to Edinburgh then returned with his now wife Liz to work in the region in 1978.  First up was a brief stint at Northumberland County at the old County Hall and then he worked at Newcastle City until he retired (early) in 2009.

Colin took up rowing with the rest of the family down at Newburn about 15 years ago and now regularly cycles down to the club with Liz and then rows back almost to Wylam when high tide allows.  They also go walking and cycling more widely when rowing allows.  Colin joined the Parish Council in May 2017.