Wylam Community Flood Plan


A Flood Plan for Wylam


In 2023, the Environment Agency helped Wylam Parish Council to create a contingency plan in the event of flooding, in the form of the Wylam Community Flood Plan. To ensure that the plan can be used effectively in the event of a flood, we have a team of local residents who volunteer their time as Community Flood Wardens.

Our wardens are the Environment Agency’s eyes on the ground. Their activity begins when the Environment Agency sends a Flood Advisory Message (meaning that flooding is possible) to the Lead Warden, who then alerts all Volunteer Wardens.  Those available will don their special blue hi-viz jackets, and set off around the village to monitor vulnerable areas in, and around, Wylam. River and burn levels will be checked and blocked drains reported to ensure excess rainwater can drain freely. 

We also have a list of Emergency contact telephone numbers, and check in on vulnerable residents who may require extra help.


If you are a Wylam resident, and would like to join our team of Flood Wardens, please contact our clerk:

Support from The Environment Agency

Colin Hall, the Environment Agency Community Engagement Officer for Northumberland, can provide further information on creating a Personal Flood Plan and advice on which flood protection products to install.

Colin can be contacted at: colin.hall@environment-agency.gov.uk

You can also sign up to the EA’s Flood Warning Service at: www.gov.uk/sign-up-for-flood-warnings

Colin has also provided this PDF document (Northumberland Door Knocking Letter and Personal Flood Plan Combined) which contains information on:

      • How to check the flood risk for your property
      • Signing up to the Flood Warning Service
      • Flood resilience measures you can take to protect your property
      • Household insurance
      • Checking Weather reports
      • Reporting Fly Tipping which may be increasing the risk of floods
      • Developing a personal Flood Plan